Age Groups

My Little Stars cater for children aged from 6-weeks to 5-years-old

TWINKLE STARS (up to 12 months, depending on development)

Our smallest little stars are cared for in the Twinkle Room. As we take babies from 6-weeks, the daily routine in this room needs to be very flexible to accommodate the babies’ different feeding and sleeping patterns. It is equipped to high standards of safety and hygiene. We offer a wide range of stimulating toys and activities for the babies to enjoy. Children are supplied with their own bed linen and all cots are fitted with breathing monitors. All babies’ milk, bottles, nappies, wipes and creams are included in the price.

STARSHINE (12 to 24-months, depending on development)

Young toddlers are based in the Starshine Room, where the routine has slightly more structure. This is where the foundations of learning through play are established. The children are given the opportunity to participate in activities including sand and water play, cornflour play and painting as well as other activities to promote all areas of development. The children are introduced to themes and topics at a very basic level.


MOONBEAM (2 to 3-years, depending on development)

The Moonbeam Room is for our young two-year-olds. They will be introduced to a more structured routine and a variety of activities in a small group. Moonbeam children will work with Starshine and Starlight groups to prepare them for the transition to life upstairs.

STARLIGHT (2 to 3-years, depending on development)

The Starlight Room is for our older toddlers. A wide range of toys and planned activities are available to the children. We have the use of a large and well-equipped garden. A more structured routine is introduced to the children including set times for activities, outside play and sleep/rest time. Themes and topic work is expanded upon to include shapes, colours and numbers.

Please feel free to contact us to find out more.

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